Yuva Utkarsh , BARC

Nilgiri is a Residential Tower in BARC colony having 300 flats where young scientists and engineers (below the age 30 mostly) of BARC , NPCIL, HWB, AERB etc. Units of DAE live together. The residents celebrate a two day annual Program Nilotsav .This year it was planned for 3 days. First day on 13th April Yuva Utkarsh and collective Birthday celebration of small children’s with Deepotsav was planned. The program started with Deep Prajwalan and Fancy Dress for little children who sworn great saints, freedom fighters of India. Bhajan circle of DIYA Mumbai Dr Jyothi Tripathi, Nishtha Joshi, Shraddha Patle, Bhavna Joshi started with welcome song followed by Ganesh Vandana,  Kathak dancer from Nilgiri Building. Team DIYA gave insight on Yuva Utkarsh and Human excellence sutras to the youth just after beautiful theme Bhajan Yuva Chetna “Tu Himalaya Shikkhar hai” by Nishtha and team. Birthday of all children celebrated by lighting of Diyas,admist the echoes of Gayatri Mantra, Swati vachan, Pushpa Varsha by parents with Birthday song Tumhe Janam din ki Badhai Badhai by DIYA Pragya Geet Team(Nishtha Bhavna Joshi, S K Kaul, Jyoti Tripathi, Jyoti Agrahari didi, Suman Sharma didi ,Rekha Kaul didi, Reena Choudhary didi). DIYA Hitesh Joshi,DIYA Krishna Kumar Yadav (President, Nilgiri) Shraddha Patle didi (Joint Cultural Secretary, Nilgiri) and Vijay Patle Bhaiya from Nilgiri building played key role in planning , organizing and executing Whole event. Committee members of Nilgiri Building welcomed this event in annual function and they are planning to invite DIYA team to conduct regular Programs at the building. DIYA has already installed Sadvakyas in lift lobby of the building and everyday Pragya Yog session is conducted by Vijay Patle Bhaiya.

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Below are the glimpses of an event:

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