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A Lamp Does Not Speak. It Introduces Itself through Its Light


Launch of DIYA Diaries

The festivities for Vasant Panchami 2018 started a day early for Mumbai DIYANs. The DIYANs congregated in large numbers for Yuga Srijeta Deep Yagya at Avinash  CHS, Amrutnagar, Ghatkopar (West), on 21 January. Dr. Subhash  Prajapati, our good doc, who is always lighting up the world around him, with selfless, loving service, was the key figure behind the perfectly ordered program of the memorable evening. 

This was a unique occasion for the residents of the society. Each home was asked to bring 5 diyas to the venue. Hence, there was a sense of participation palpable! However, none of the residents had any prior experience of Deep Yagya, and were looking forward in what-next mode!

The deep yagya commenced with soulful pragya bhajans. DIYAs Jyoti Tripathi, Shraddha Patle, Shruti Sharma,Vijay Patle, Shri Pankaj  Mehta and Shri S.K Kaul of Bhajan Circle were the mellifluous voices which ushered the audience into Yugrishi’s rapture.

This was followed by a brief introduction of DIYA Mumbai, mission and 7 fold objectives along with importance of Yug Srijeta. Post this, the event started with lighting of lamp by Secretary, Mr. Rajesh Mishra and Chairman of Society, Mr. Ganesh Dukhande, followed by their felicitation by yugsahitya and bouquets.

Team DIYA  shared Yugrishi’s vision for the youth as creators of the nation and times. They called out to the power of youth, to meet the need of the hour. The talk outlined the roles and responsibilities for today’s generation.

This was followed by a documentary made by DIYA Harshul and DIYA Vijay Purohit, showcasing the achievements of DIYA. “ Do Saal, Chaubis Kadam.” DIYAs Harshul and Vijay are the priceless gems from Yugrishi’s talent assortment. These gems constantly reflect Yugrishi’s grace from the multiple planes of talent they possess. As IT consultant and lawyer, their professions are diametrically opposite to the variety of talents they bring forth to the table. Harshul takes care of the visual aesthetics in its completeness, and has that exceptional talent that takes the mundane too to the next level of creativity!

Vijay Purohit, an eminent lawyer who dabbles in legalese by the day, transforms himself at will as an avid decoder of Yugrishi’s teachings and precepts, whenever the need comes up!

There are no days and no ways untouched by him, when it comes to Knowledge Transfer – from Yugrishi’s behalf to the masses. Like an artist, he works effortlessly with different mediums of broadcast, whether giving radio interviews to the happening channels, assisting the visual team with content inputs or inspiring for elevation through his editorials in DIYA newsletter!

Coming back, to the event, post the exhilarating documentary, the Deep Yagya commenced with an informative commentary going on related to rational and pragmatic benefits of a spiritual life and the significance of  the devotional aspects of the rites and rituals.

It was scenery painted in divine blessedness, when the residents of the society lit up their diyas in the company of 550 diyas pre arranged by the Mumbai DIYAs. DIYAs never shirk from displaying their single minded devotion for Desh (Nation). Upon Dadaguru Shree Sarveshvaranandji’s clarion call, Gurudev immersed Himself in the fight for independence. Gurudev and Dadagurudev have thus crystallized the spirit of ‘Nation First’ in the minds of DIYAs. This spirit was reflected in the Deep Yagya, in the art work of DIYA Manish, who created a massive rangoli masterpiece in the form of Tiranga. The diyas of Deep Yagya illuminated the Tiranga with their divine glow. This illumination paid its homage to Aryavrat’s eternal unity, to Gurudev’s contribution in freedom struggle and towards fulfilling our collective pledge to bring down the divinity to the masses.

A documentary followed on how to celebrate birthdays in true Indian culture. After this documentary many birthdays and wedding anniversaries of residents, pre and upcoming, were celebrated by DIYAs in the uniquely spiritual way, outlined by the Yugrishi Himself. This took place at the venue itself. Everyone who witnessed this way of celebration was profoundly overcome with the pride of the cultural heritage, we Indians have inherited and which has unfortunately been forgotten under the onslaught of Western educational system.

Now it was time for the inauguration of DIYA Diaries, a monthly newsletter, which will provide a peek into the DIYA happenings by the month. The copies were distributed to the residents and they were asked to join the DIYA movement to make a difference to the world. DIYA Swati Gupta, Ex DSVV Students Patik,Umesh Kumar,Mahendra Golay,Rahul Tripathi and Vijay Puorhit work hard to release this bulletin.

The Deep Yagya along with the cultural inputs was an intense experience for the residents of Avinash CHS. There was a unanimous feedback on the upped serenity quotient of the residents, by the residents!

This event was made more memorable due to tireless efforts of DIYAs Mrs. Kiran Srivastava, DIYA Snigdha Srivastava, DIYA Akanksha Agrawal, DIYA Vijay Purohit, DIYA Suchita, DIYA Deepika Gupta, DIYA Rahul, Rashmi Purohit and others.

The members of Team DIYA are true diyas who are ceaselessly involved in the deep yagya of distributing the light of peace and joy round their world!

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