Vidyarambh sanskar, BARC- 2018

The whole of a Banyan tree resides within a barely visible seed. That barely there seed, provided with suitable environs, can grow up to 100 feet in height and cover acres of land with a life capable of spanning centuries!  In the same way, a human mind, moulded young, holds the promise of reaching its highest potential – reflecting as the mirror image of Statesman Shri Krishna, Lord Mahaveer, Shri Ram, Yugrishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya,  Ram Krishna Paramhans, Vivekananda, Maharashi Raman and other stalwarts who changed the world for better  in their own ways.

DIYA Bal Utkarsh is a dedicated arm of Mumbai DIYA team, bringing parents and young children together in order to share the blessings of Yugrishi through regular events such as Vidya Arambh Sanskaar and others.

Vidya Arambh Samskar was one of the prominent samskar given by Indian Sages for complete development of a child. Today, the Bal Utkarsh team is carrying the baton, and is approaching the young children for initiation,  preferably before they join regular school.

The DIYA Bal Utkarsh Samiti held its Vidya Arambh Samskar event on the 8th of April 2018 at Atomic Energy Central School – 4, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai – under the august canopy of Yugrishi’s subtle presence. The Vidya Arambh Samskar event was greatly appreciated by the huge number of participants who had gathered to avail the bounties of this proven ancient tradition.

The large numbers of participants, numbering around three hundred, were a testimony to the zeal and dedicated efforts of the team – actively involved in creating awareness about the workshop. The Prachar team consisted of DIYAs Bhavna Joshi, Shraddha Patle, Jharna Taneja, Aparna Mittal, Reena Choudhary, Uma Maheshwari, Neelu Bisen, Omprakash Bisen and Adi Tiwari.

Months prior to the programme, DIYAs Bhavna and Hitesh went around all the schools, play groups and kindergartens they could locate, held meetings with the concerned authorities and then with parents and explained the importance, need and context of Vidya Arambh Samskar. The rest of the Prachar team too followed suit and disseminated the invites through word of mouth as well as a strategically planned social media campaign – to reach out to as many parents as possible.

DIYAs Vijay Patle, Rahul Tripathi, Vijay Patel, Vinay Soni, Sachin Tiwari, Umesh Kumar Singh and S K Kaul, Dipti zeroed in to the venue and prepared it for readiness to the event.

Human heart beats to the rhythm of cosmic tune, hence what better way to present sublime messages than words tuned to music. The event opened with Saraswati Vandana by DIYA Shruti Wakankar. DIYA Bhavna had created her own musical Bal Mandali by training small kids in mellifluous Pragya Geets which they sang to the delight of the audience. The song, Dharti Par swarg Ka Avataran – sung by tender, innocent voices, seemed to resonate with the promise of the Himalayan Masters – of the coming of an age of elevated human values and glory.

The Vidya Arambh Samskar was a perfect blend of the modern and ancient times. Shri A.N Verma, Former Chief and Managing Director, Heavy Water Board,  along with Shraddha Patle, Bhavna Joshi and Jyoti Tripathi enunciated the theme of the Samskar with the flow of Mantras and a thought-provoking  presentation with the help of a hi – definition projector.

Rekha Kaul, Deepti Tiwari, Kanta Kothari, Aparna Mittal, Anita Bhandarkar, Reena Chaudhary helped the participants discover their inner light with a brief mesmerizing Deep Yagna –  held to ignite the young minds for their all round success, in their lives.

DIYA Aparna Mittal gave the vote of thanks towards the closure of ceremony.

Yugrishi’s Light is all pervading – for all to see, whose eyes are open. But the light is more concentrated in the words He has penned for the upliftment of the mankind. Hence, in every DIYA held event, an uninitiated will always find an illuminated corner of Yugrishi’s literature!

The divine book stall was serviced by DIYAs Adi Tumari and V S Sikarwar.

The Prasadam distribution post the ceremony was taken care by DIYAs C. B Kothari, Kanta Kothari, R. S. Agrahari, Jyoti Agrahari and Sukan Sharma.

The attendees and participants post Vidya Arambh ceremony were profuse in their admiration for such a well- organized event. This ceremony enriched their perspective for the subtle in life – for themselves as well as their children.

Mrs. Devyani was forthcoming in her happiness, saying – “Very nice… good Programme! All the little champs were blessed.”

Mr. Neeti Susheel Kumar too added in her appreciation – “Very nice Programme. You all are doing good job! Thanks to the team!!

Mrs. Rakhi Tomar too added to team DIYA’s success quotient – “Thank you to the whole team for this wonderful programme!”

There are testimonials galore underlining the superb success of the Vidya Arambh Samskar ceremony, but only a few could be accommodated.

The entire DIYA Bal Utkarsh Team is buoyed up by the continuous waves of receptivity and loving reciprocity at each step they take collectively – towards fulfilling Yugrishi’s prophecy of a Divine World Order!


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