Teachers day series, 2018

Day l – 4th September

As proclaimed by Dr Kalam One has to dream before the dream comes true. Taking forward the visions and works of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam & Dr Pranav Pandya DIYA aspire to create a sustainable and livable planet Earth for the humanity. With a vision of empowering youths and helping them to succeed in all spheres of life, DIYA Mumbai conducted a seminar on Youth Excellence at SIES college, Sion in Mumbai. The seminar was conducted by Shri Yogesh Patil of Youth Cell, Shantikunj Haridwar. DIYA Suchita Shetty Gayatri Nayak ,Shri Prahladbhai Panchal were instrumental in making the seminar a success. Ms. Vrushali Gupte, Department of Psychology expressed that the seminar was successful in imbibing values and sensibilities through interactive discussions.

Day ll – 5th September
A good teacher is a doctor who heals the ignorance of his students and also an artist who inspires creativity. A true teacher is someone who can inspire hope, can ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning in the students. A true teacher takes the responsibility of the complete well being of the students. The stalwarts of Indic tradition of knowledge, Acharya Chanakya of 4th Century BC and later our own beloved Yugrishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, 20th Century AD, further endowed the teacher with the noble responsibility of nation building. On the status and role of teachers in society, Acharya Chanakya cautioned – “A teacher is never a mediocre professional. The powers of creation and annihilation- the twain roll in his lap!”
Holding close these sentiments at its core, Team DIYA, Mumbai celebrates a long Teacher’s Day starting with 4th September that is extended for the next few days. These special days are power packed for DIYAs as they carry forward the true spirit of teaching and the role of teacher in shaping the student as well as the nation’s soul.
Carrying the tradition forward, this year too, Team DIYA, Mumbai, has accepted as many invitations as possible, from some of the most sought after names in their respective arenas.
DIYA Dr. Amitabh Saraf, Head, National Control Law Team, is giving a series of talks in the most esteemed institutions and organizations of Mumbai. DIYA Dr. Amitabh holds an iconic stature in the domain of flight controls, navigation and guiding systems and system identification for aircraft and reentry vehicles. This is just the tip of the iceberg – considering the iceberg as his achievement record. So far, the accreditations, achievements and accolades of this son of Yugrishi, run into reams of pages, and as fellow DIYAs we wish that he continue reaping the bounty of his selfless dedication.
5 September 2018, was the day 2 of his serial lectures. Following is a brief snapshot of the venues, the dynamic DIYAs covered.
Vivekananda Institute of Management Studies, Chembur, was the first stop. The programme started at 8.30 AM. There were more than two hundred students, along with the faculty, non teaching staff and management. Dr. Amitabh gave a scintillating talk on How to Achieve Professional Excellence by Personal Excellence. The seminar helped to enrich the learning experiences of the students at VESIM said Dr. Sandeep Bhardwaj Dean Academics at VESIM.
Smt Sujata Soparkar, Shri Prasanna Soparkar, Suchita Shetty ,Shri A N Verma, Shri S K Kaul, and whole team were instrumental in making this program a huge success. Dr. satish Modh, Director, Vivekananda Institute of Management Studies expressed appreciation on the inclusion of Indian spirituality in management ethics.

At 10.30 AM, Team DIYA was at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. The workshop was at Atomic Energy Education Society, for the benefit of 400 teachers of six schools and junior colleges at BARC. The topic of the workshop was “Roles and Responsibilities of the Teacher in Nation Building.” The workshop was highly stimulating and new slants were opened up to discuss the emerging role of teachers in the contemporary world order. The context of rapid technological changes and the influx of information and its classification were discussed at length. Roadmaps leading to a better pedagogical approach were shared. The stimulating workshop definitely wove its way into the deeper recesses of memory in the participant’s minds. The glowing names that worked contributed in making this huge workshop a huge success are Rajnish Prakash, Chairman, AEES, S K Malhotra, Secretary AEES, B K Jain, Chairman, local management committee, Madan Rao, principal, Shri A N Verma and Shri S K Kaul. DIYA Hitesh Joshi and whole team were instrumental in making this program a huge success.
At 2.30 PM, Team DIYA was at Sion at the expansive offices of Rashtriya Chemical Fertilizers Limited. The workshop here was on “Human Excellence” and a slew of professionals, along with the Senior Management availed the benefits of DIYA Amitabh’s talks. Mr Shirish Bhogale Executive Director (HRD), RCF expressed that the program was excellent, well framed, and relevant and many more of such programs are required for their employees. Shri Nanda Kulkarni , Chief Mgr (HRD) Expressed that the seminar gave insights to open up and perform better in all professional endeavors. Shri AN Verma, Shri SK Kaul. Suchita Shetty, Smt Sujata Soparkar were instrumental in organizing this seminar.
Thus, Day 1 of the Teacher’s Day celebration already set the course for a trail of more lit up events in the coming days!

Day lII – 6th September.
DIYA continues its Teacher’s Day Engagement, Day II with Educators, Students and Doctors of Mumbai
Ramnarain Ruia College
Team DIYA continued with the third day of pre-chalked Teacher’s Day itinerary at one of Mumbai’s more exalted institute, Ramnarain Ruia College at Dadar (E) Matunga. Team DIYA was at the venue at 10.30 AM. The workshop on “Professional Excellence with Human Excellence” was chalked for the facilitators and students alike. DIYA Dr. Amitabh Saraf was the Chief Guest at the gathering. There was palpable excitement among the youth to hear this acclaimed Scientist of International fame, on the fusion of science and spirituality in everyday life; especially in the manner he was living it.
DIYA Dr. Amitabh was given a warm welcome by Dr. Vatsala Pai. HoD (Deptt of Philosophy) and Ms. Himani Chaukar, Asstt Professor (Deptt of Philosophy). DIYA Professor Suchita was the keynote speaker and set the tone for the upcoming talks by DIYA Dr. Amitabh. Dr. Amitabh Saraf took his rapt listeners through the intricacies of achieving goals and inculcating excellence in personal life along the way. The concept of excellence enunciated by Dr. Saraf embedded the Yugrishi given mantra of imandari, samajhdari and bahaduri in the endeavors undertaken. This translates as displaying ethical integrity, rationality and courage in daily life. A vast range of topics was covered that included routes of professional excellence, intellectual traits- WRIsT (stands for Wisdom, Responsibility, Inner strength and Truthfulness), hidden powers within, Prana and our personality. Dr. Saraf also detailed the merits of Pranayama and its role in building up a rich persona.
Dr. Saraf charged up the young crowd with activity peppered conversations involving Pranayams and queries. With time passing by for another workshop waiting, Dr. Saraf had to take leave along with the team, leaving his email id behind with the students. The workshop concluded with the vote of thanks by Ms. Himani Chaukar.

Dr. R. N. Cooper Municipal General Hospital

Team DIYA was at Dr. R. N. Cooper Municipal General Hospital at 2:00 PM for workshop on Human Excellence. The light of wisdom in the form of Deepams were lit by Dean Dr. Ganesh Shinde amidst the invocation of Goddess Saraswati by Dr. Mehera Bhoir, HoD, Anatomy. DIYA Dr. Amitabh was among the Chief Guests. DIYA Minal set the event rolling with her unmatched eloquence. She introduced Team DIYA and the projects undertaken by the team. Dr. Devraj Sinha introduced the stalwart DIYA, Dr. Amitabh Saraf to the listeners. The listener profile consisted of doctors, medical students and students of the nursing college.
Dr. Saraf started his talk with a video of how the fighter plane operates and a bit on the workings of aeronautical engineering. He carried forward his talk touching on topics like need of intellectual excellence, aspects of human life, understanding the concept of excellence, four basis of human excellence (Swashyay, sadhna, samyam aur seva ). Dr. Saraf also enunciated the root cause analysis for depression, poverty, wars, corruption, global warming etc. He then introduced Yugrishi Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya and asked the participants to study the oeuvre of over 3000 books Yugrishi wrote on various topics and find the solution to each problem they experience in their lives. Dr. Amitabh Saraf also explained the relevance of Gayatri Mantra with respect to today’s life and times. He went on to analyze the three parts of personality pyramids- Emotional core, inner dealings and external dealings. In the later part, Dr. Saraf analyzed the benefits of Pranayam and asked the participants to experience 6 cycles of Pranayam. The talk concluded with the video of sunrise with voice of Param Pujya Gurudev Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya ji. The program concluded with vote of thanks by Dr. Mehera. Dr. Saraf was presented a memento by Dean Dr. Shinde. Dr. Saraf too presented Yugrishi’s book “Thought Revolution” to Dr. Shinde and Dr. Reena.
Summing up Day lII, Team DIYA was overwhelmed with the appreciation and understanding received at each quarter they walked to. Each interaction concludes with a commitment for more of such events

Day lV, 7th September

Moulding Minds, Touching Hearts – Team DIYA Continues to Commemorate the Power of Learning through Day IV of Teacher’s Day Celebrations!

Connected with Yugrishi – the purest reservoir of knowledge and light of this Universe, the DIYAs prize this abundance, and endeavor to cover as much of the earth they can – with His ever streaming blessing. The willing receptacle of knowledge is the heart of a seeker, and where else are seekers found – but in the corridors of academic institutions!
Thus, the live streaming of learning continued unabated on Day III of Teacher’s Day Celebration – 2018. 10.30 AM, 7 September 2018, Team DIYA was extended a warm welcome by Principal of St. Mary’s Multipurpose High school and Junior College, Vashi. Principal, Father Abraham Joseph, a kindly soul expressed deep satisfaction after learning about the selfless projects of DIYAs executed at various levels and intervals. Meanwhile, the participants had packed the venue, in sheer anticipation of listening to the illustrious DIYA Dr. Amitabh Saraf on his power packed workshop on “Preparing to Excel.”
The lighting of the Deepams at the onset signaled the arrival of Gyaan on the vyaspeeth/dias through Yugrishi-blessed Team DIYA. Professor Jyoti Shivkumar introduced DIYA to all present, along with a brief documentary that summarized the socio-cultural services executed by Team DIYA. DIYA Gayatri and Shri S. K Kaul shared their special DIYA moments with the participants. The participants profile consisted of students, faculty as well as non-teaching staff. Father Abraham Joseph too shared his line of thoughts with everyone. DIYA Dr. Amitabh, the eminent scientist of international fame, came onboard with his fusion of Science and Spirituality. The onlookers were struck with the humble simplicity of Yugrishi’s blessed son of Science and Soul. Dr. Saraf’s message was on “Prepare yourself to Excel.” He shared the wisdom of balance and analyzed the efforts required to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual balance. This was followed by a highly interactive session on Pranakarshan Pranayama and meditation. Dr. Saraf took the queries of the students, related to focus and the correct method to study. He also shared deep insights on time management.
Gradually and gently grudgingly, it was time to say goodbyes for all the souls on the venue! The event concluded with a vote of thanks amidst a round of applause, a sharing of yugsahitya and a deeper understanding within all who came in touch with the DIYAs.

SIES Management Institute, Nerul, New Bombay was the next stop for Team DIYA. Team DIYA, consisting of DIYAs Gayatri, A N Verma and S K Kaul along with DIYA Dr. Saraf were met by the Director, Vigyan Verma, Dean Dr. Nitin Vazirani and Professor Pankaj Shrivastava.
Here Dr, Saraf spoke at length on Professional Excellence through Personal Excellence. DIYA Dr. Amitabh took the participants and onlookers through a rejuvenating cycle of Pranayama and meditation. There was an impromptu Q&A session that Dr. Saraf handled with perfect solutions!
The message of the DIYAs was received with amazing alacrity, from the students. People learnt more about DIYA with the DIYA Documentaries on screen. The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks by the school management. It was again time for DIYAs to reach another venue and complete the day.
The next workshop at Atomic Energy Regulatory Board at BARC, Chembur was a reaching-out-to-fraternity of sorts for DIYA Dr. Amitabh Saraf as well as the distinguished scientists of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board.
DIYA Dr. Amitabh was felicitated by Shri D. K Shukla, Executive Director, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board and Ms. Sheela Mohan, Chief Administrative Officer. Following a brief talk by Shri D. K. Shukla in the role of keynote speaker, DIYA Amitabh carried on the baton. The ethics and values associated with the pursuit of excellence were discussed. The importance of good mental and physical health with Pranayams and meditations were discussed and practiced. It was a happy wonderment to see the participants teeming with enthusiasm and energy for the activities that were laid out for all. The evening ended with a vote of thanks followed by a warm session of discussion on the concluded talks – over a plate of delicious snacks.
A true DIYA day, spent in what the DIYAs do best – sharing and caring…


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