Project Samvedna – Diwali 2018, Ambernath

Yugrishi defined Spirituality in one line sutra.Atmiyata Ka Vistaaar hi Adhyatma hein.
“Discovering, developing, and sharing our gifts is a spiritual practice; it’s one way for us to grow stronger in our faith.” These are the words of Professor Brené Brown of University of Houston, who specializes in the study of courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy. This essence of her two decades of research has always been the driving energy for Mumbai DIYAs. As spiritual sons and daughters of Yugrishi Acharya Shriram Sharma Acharya, the spirit of discovering, developing, and sharing comes as an inheritance to the DIYAs and they live this to the hilt.
Diwali is a time to share and care! This sentiment was articulated aptly through actions by the DIYAs living in Motiram Pride, Ambernath. Since past 5 years, the youngsters of Motiram Pride celebrate Diwali with a difference. On Pratipada day, i.e. the Samvat New Year, they reach out to old age homes, orphanages to spread love and cheer all around!
With each passing year, the plans to reach out and spread the belongingness of DIYA grow more expansive and Diwali Pratipada 2018 was no exception! The spirit of belongingness is definitely infectious and each year the team of Motiram Pride team too keeps on expanding to share more of their love and warmth! This year the children of Baal Sanskaar Shala of Motiram Pride, along with DIYA Professor Suchita Shetty’s students of GNIMS took the lead in sharing the light of Diwali with various plans. The dynamic college going duo, Surya and Meghna took charge of their troop and they filled their treasure-chest with sweets, chocolates and loads of Yugrishi’s books.
Shivajinagar police station was their first stop, and it was the emotion of surprise written all over the face of cops, when the team went over to wish them light, love and sweets! The children received a very warm welcome and the policemen showed them around the police station. Soon the entire station was resounding with the soothing chants of Gayatri Mantra and Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, by the children, for the happiness and welfare of the police personnel. Deeply touched, they enquired about the endeavor and when the personnel were told about Yugrishi and Mission AWGP, one of them expressed his happiness by recounting the books written by Yugrishi and how he came to know about Yugrishi through a book exhibition. The policemen blessed the children with good wishes for their future and asked them to study hard and be good citizens. Team DIYA also received a proposal for a stress-management workshop to be held in their precincts.
The next stop was the Fire Brigade Station. But before this, the children had already made their way into the hearts of umpteen vegetable vendors and auto-drivers along the way, by sharing their gifts of love, light and sweets!
The personnel at the Fire Brigade Station were definitely happy to see and receive the gifts of unconditional belongingness by the young brigade, as they had been undergoing a particularly stressful week. The soothing chants of Omkar and Gayatri chased away the blues- as they felt and the light of Diwali and DIYAs was all they needed at this time!
An all-girls orphanage was another must-share stop in the itinerary of the young troop! The Team sat with the girls and shared with them the warmth of a true spiritual family. The communication was eclectic with equal measures of banter and sharing thrown in. The rendition of Gayatri and Omkar sealed the bond between the young Motiram Pride brigade and the girls of the orphanage.
Suddenly the children realized that the day was too short for more of such heartfelt meetings and greetings. They understood so well, Yugrishi’s words, Atmiyata ka vistaar hi adhyatmikta hai!

This divine endeavor was a culmination of the constant efforts and motivation of DIYA Professor Suchita Shetty, DIYA Rajesh Shetty, their Mother and Varsha Shetty.

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