MANTHAN- An Entertaining and Networking Evening for Senior Citizens

Manthan, implying churning movement is an oft-used term in the spiritual space. Churn brings out the essence of milk, which is butter. Similarly churn brings out the best of thoughts and ideas when it is the mind which is worked upon. Since Antarnaad 2014 the trio Vibha didi, Suman didi & Jyothi Pandya didi at BARC were thinking deeply to do something for senior citizen. Yugrishis book Wah jo Pachpan ke ho chale was the trigger point. They regularly participated in various initiatives of DIYA at old age homes and the urge became deeper. But they always felt that graceful, comfortable and secure ageing is very important in our country because there are huge gaps in healthcare and our modern lifestyle. The trio wants to touch and transform lives of senior citizens in their own way. It has to be a natural progression.

On 18th February 2018, Mumbai DIYAs of Scientist’s Fraternity organized a Manthan for intellect and cheer of senior citizens at Anushakti Nagar. Anushakti Nagar is the residential township of the Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Nuclear Power Corporation of India and Atomic Energy Education Society.

The program started at 5:00 pm and went on way past 7:00 pm. It was a cohesively knit event – catering to the finest details of life’s philosophy, ways to maintain good health, tips to stay safe and the importance of fun and light heartedness in the twilight years of life. The event was steeped in Yugrishi’s subtle spiritual presence to the perceptive chitta. The Pragya bhajans and recitation of Gayatri mantras towards the commencement and conclusion of the program raised the vibration of the participants to subtler realms. The evening took on a dynamic shade with energetic organizational skills of DIYAs S.K Kaul, Rekha Kaul, Vijay Patle, Shraddha Patle, Jyoti Tripathi and Rahul Tripathi.

DIYAs Suman Sharma, Jyoti Pandya and Vibha Singh set the stage rolling, striking instant rapport with their audience. Vibha Singh’s anchoring created an atmosphere of engagement. The program started with Pragya Bhajans and welcome song by DIYA BARC, thus facilitating the inflow of Yugrishi’s infinite munificence on the assemblage.

In his opening remark Shri S K Kaul said that India’s population of senior citizens had rapidly increased in past two decades and as a result of globalisation the life of the elderly is changing in India, as joint families break down and more and more Indians find work in other parts of the world. We want to live with them, we want to nourish them the people we live with, the society we live with, the community we live with binding minds and hearts together.

Shri Shailesh Mishra, Founder-President Silver Innings, spoke on Silver citizen – Dementia, how to take care of yourself?

Silver Innings is a Social Enterprise formed to provide need based services to the elderly. Shailesh Mishra and Silver Innings Foundation is committed to uphold and secure the rights of elderly and actively work towards improving their quality of life by networking, advocating and researching elderly issues and providing a wide range of services according to their needs. In his speech, Shri Shailesh Mishra, upheld the importance of group engagement, staying active and picking up some peer-based group activity for senior citizens. His efforts were appreciated by Amitabh Bachan in his serial Kaun Banega Crorepati .The link of episode is

Post Shri Mishra’s address, DIYA Shraddha Patle led the audience into the meditation zone, where everybody experienced the calm descending on them.

Shri. A.N Verma, Ex-Chairman and Chief Executive, Heavy Water Board, was the speaker after Shri Mishra, and he spoke on, Living your life gracefully after 60! Shri Verma was echoing Yugrishi’s exhortations, when he touched on keeping the keys to happiness with self and not give it to others. He also talked about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and inclusion of Yoga, meditation and pranayam in daily routine.

Later, Shri Kiran Sonawane, CSO –DCSEM, shared his inputs on staying safe and protected with several precautionary measures. Senior citizens tend to feel lonesome and ignored by their family at times and they sometimes lean towards proxy caregivers like maids and other domestic helps. This makes them emotionally vulnerable and it is at this juncture that unscrupulous elements take advantage of the situation. He emphasized about being wary with maids and similar household helps at all times.

After this session of intellectual Manthan, where thoughts and ideas were discussed, now it was the turn of Ms. Jyoti Chauhan, Yoga and Zumba exponent. She emphasized on the importance of exercise, music and yoga as an excellent activity for seniors as the package was an entertaining combination of exercise as well as dance. Zumba provides improved coordination, which is extremely important to maintain as one grows in years. The combination of Zumba and yoga also provides a full body workout, which is essential for good health. Ms Chauhan, along with her team gave a vivid demonstration of Zumba and was able to elicit a proactive response from the audience, who soon turned into participants!

This was followed by an unwinding session of Pragya Geet and the event concluded with recitation of Gayatri Mantra in unison and a small note of thanksgiving.

This event highlights the level of affinity DIYAs feel and work towards – for all, who make up the society.

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