On 8th March, 2018, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Kalyan Civil Bar experienced the key to calm and serenity through an illuminating workshop on stress-management, by our ignited DIYAs.

The well-attended event was inaugurated with lighting of lamps. The dignitaries who lit up the auspicious Deepam were, Hon’ble Shri Waghmareji, Hon’ble Shri S. P Gogarkarji, Hon’ble Smt. K.S. Bakareji, Hon’ble Smt. Charateji along with Civil Bar President, Shri R.V. Karnikji.

The lighting of the lamp was followed by Saraswati Vandana in the melodious voice of Adv. Smt Kranti Roti. Adv. Kranti also spoke about the importance and position of women in the current social scenario. Eminent women personages of judiciary were felicitated by Team DIYA. Senior Advocate Smt. Alka Bhide, Senior Advocate Smt. Lalitha Joshi and Senior Advocate Smt. Archana Sabnis were felicitated with a Memento, a Tulsi sapling, Akhand Jyoti – the blessed periodical disseminating Yugrishi’s thoughts and his curated literary works.

The felicitation was followed by a soulful rendering by Advocate Gajanan. The melodious rendition offered an insight into the four phases of a woman’s life, in the roles of a mother, wife, sister and daughter. The latter half of the evening was all about stress, its causes and management thereon. DIYA Deepika Gupta opened the presentation by identifying the key drivers of stress and affiliated issues. DIYA Snigdha carried the presentation further by offering remedial measures to tackle stress through a combination of positive thinking, Atma Bodha, Tatva Bodha, Music Therapy, Pranayama, etc. This was followed by a brief on the importance of Yoga and its importance as an alleviating factor for stress related concerns. Dr Varun Manek  threw light on secret science of all three bodies physical, astral and casual. Explaining the aim of Pragya Yoga he said it is a way of living life more than physical postures and can be very effective tool of tuning  all the three bodies (physical, subtle and causal) of a person. He explained the science of Gayatri and how  interior transformation can play a vital role in stress management.

Following the Yoga brief, DIYA Shraddha Patle progressed to demonstrate the appropriate ways of meditation through Naad Yoga and Pranayam. The demonstration helped clear some conceptual cobwebs from the minds of the attendees and was warmly appreciated by all present.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Advocate Sudha Joshi.

This DIYA event was made more memorable with the instrumental participation of DIYAs Anupriya Deshmukh, Harshul Naik, Jhanvi and Priyamvada.

Summing up the DIYA workshop in attendee Advocate Vaishali Kapure’s words: “I feel very relaxed and stress-free right now.”

Next : As a follow up activity DIYA Anupriya Plans to install Sunboard Sadvakyas & Yugsahitya in Kalyan Jail for the benefit of prisoners

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