De-addiction campaign, Andheri

Many children are introduced to substance abuse at a young age through different forms of media, family members, or the social norms of today’s society. DIYA works diligently to raise an addiction-free generation by educating children about the negative effects of substance abuse through exhibitions, presentations, videos, plays, and door-to-door campaigns. Last few months DIYA Juhu circle has expanded its wing by collaborating with host of schools, colleges in and around Santacruz,Juhu,Vile Parle,Andheri. As a step further to deepen the bonds with them DIYA Mayank Tiwari, Smt Sangeeta Tiwari, Shri Sudhir Tiwari, Shri Natubhai Patel,alongwith Shantikunj team reached out with Vysan Mukti Gyan Rath in schools ,colleges, individuals in slums, inner city areas and others the whole day. It was a 12 hour rigorous drives covering major areas like Pipleshwar Mahadev Mandir, Bamanwada, B. L. Ruia High School, Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi College,Valmiki Samaj, Girls Hostel, Laxmi Narayan Temple in Santacruz, Public Gardens and others in general.

The Vysan Mukti Rath attracted audiences every corner it stop. People flocked in groups listening to Shraddeya Drjis message and appeal to quit addiction. These initiative reduce the effects of substance abuse on the community and reaffirm the same in the minds of hundreds of people whereby the Vysan Mukti Rath passed.

Principal Smt Neelam Prabhu of Vidyanidhi college expressed that All World GAYATRI Parivar is doing a great service for our culture and for our country by this nationwide Deaddiction drive.The team Yogesh Patilji and others in toli Sangeeta didi, Nathubhai and others created awareness among the public of the need to lead an addiction-free life and distributed Yugsahitya in hundreds to all.


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