Cleanliness Drive, Khalsa College, Matunga

Due to continuous engagement of DIYA Mumbai the students of Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies (GNIMS) have started lot of cleanliness drives in their own college and surrounding areas. GNIMS students and DIYA collaborates together in host of social initiatives since past many couple of years.The students just cleaned the college campus last week and now they took up the exhaustive job of cleaning the Guru Nanak Khalsa College on campus Gurudwara GNIMS they clean the Gurudwara. Inspired by DIYA Mumbai and Suchita Shetty 30 students voluntarily purchased cleanliness material by contributing as a team from their pocket money.The drive started by collective prayers .Two groups of 15 students each cleaned the college in a 150 minutes drive. The group untiringly brought buckets of water, scrubbed the floor, removed cobwebs, removed the stains on staircase, wiped the fans & tube lights, the windows and doors. Together they made the Gurudwara sparkling clean and spotless. The girls team put everything right in kitchen. So along with Time donation the students donated labour.A true spirit of celebrating Diwali. According to DIYA Suchita Shetty Cleanliness should come from the hearts of people; starting from their homes, becoming a habit; manifesting itself as a clean and healthy society. G N Khalsa management supported the endeavour whole heartedly

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