Cleanliness drive, Juhu Beach

Mumbaikars join hands to clean beaches, post Ganpati immersion
24th September 2018 : On the day of Vandniya Matajis Mahaprayan Divas today, it was an invite by Indian Development Foundation who have been regularly conducting cleanliness drives at Juhu Beach post Ganesh Visrajan,DIYA Mumbai thought of participating in the same. Management Students from Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies, Matunga & Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi College Juhu came together with DIYA Mumbai to clean Juhu Beach post Ganpati Visarjan

To show strength and the impact of collective action, more than 125 students with their teachers joined DIYA Mumbai which did include Minal Mittal,Sangeeta Tiwari and others to clean up Juhu Beach post Visarjan. Ganesh Chaturthi might have been over, but traces of the festival were visible on Mumbai Juhu beach. The youth force of students stepped in and picked up all the trash that was left behind along with other NGOs, citizens, corporates and BMC and administrative authorities Rotary club members distributed food and water for volunteers.

At the crack of dawn, volunteers from schools and colleges poured in to help the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation clean up the debris. Students, working professionals and NGOs gathered at the Juhu beach, shouldering the responsibility to weed out plastic and idols that washed on the shore. It all began with chanting of Gayatri Mantra and remembering the almighty shouting slogans to give the drive the needed energy. Teams were made and they got into action. To their amazement they came across different kinds of waste and nothing could stop them, one could spot students searching their favourite lord Ganesha embedded in the sand,amidst plastic,cloth. Shri Nagesh Jagtap and Naikji from Vidyanidhi along with students were some of the most enthusiastic volunteers and collected most of garbage. DIYA Minal Mittal expressed that this is one of the very few ways to keep away diseases and filth. DIYA has been creating grassroot leadership for sustainable environmental protection initiatives.

One could see the perfect volunteer in Chinmay Kajale,first year MMS student who started and others followed him. First year MMS student Khiwinder Kaur coordinated with the entire student team, Sumit Pawar & Sahil Dengle took a lead for the drive. Simranjeet Singh ensured all volunteers were fed post activity. Simranjit,Sahil Pawar & Malvika ensured they captured the events through their photography. Students were motivated all the more when they saw the school children picking up large idols,beyond their capacity. Rightly said, Good deeds are infectious,DIYA Mumbai, GNIMS & Vidyanidhi team felt the same when onlookers young and old wanted to join hands with the team. After a combined effort by team GNIMS,DIYA Mumbai, Vidyanidhi the debris was taken away in trucks by the civic body and students left the beach with a feeling they did their little bit for environment.

Testimonials :
Mam, Thank you so much for getting us here. This is the first time,I have participated in the clean up drive post Ganesh visarjan.I feel saddened when I see my Lord Ganesh trampled in sand. -Ms. Shreya Sawant,First Year MMS

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