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What started as a vision in 2006 is turning into reality. In last few months the development of Gayatri Chetana Kendra has undergone significant changes with the subtle blessings of our Master Yugrishis Pandit Shriram Sharma and inspiration and guidance of revered Dr Pranav Pandya. The foundation up to the level of plinth has been completed. This includes excavation of the plinth area and building of the foundation with stone and concrete.

Spiritual masters, saints and scholars of Vedic knowledge of all ages have regarded Gayatri Sadhana as preeminent source of mental purification, enlightenment, and discreet wisdom that generates unshakable inner peace and bliss and leads to soul-awakening. It would be an expression of propagating the vision and message of harmony. The proposed centre will become the foremost place for developing millions of humans with zeal of holiness in them. They will selflessly serve the whole of humanity through man making and nation building projects.

With the influence of the TIME-CYCLE, we observe grave degradation of religions across the world. Terrorism, Corruption, Evil acts, Violence, Injustice, Diseases, Natural calamities (Draught, Flood, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Cyclones, Conflagrations etc.) are on increase day by day. To overcome such situations, refinement of knowledge, sympathetic thoughts in the minds of the people is essential to lay back solid foundation of our legendry Spirituals Values, Ethics, Character and Indian Culture and show a Royal path to the people leading to spiritual based ideal citizens and molding to the deity stage. With such esteem dreams and objectives, the construction of “Gayatri Chetana Kendra Mumbai” is on the way.

It is a matter of great pleasure to inform all of you that along the series of above cited infrastructures, Construction of Gayatri Chetana Kendra Mumbai is now commenced after a great penance of thousands of SADHAKS, Energising land of the plot for years, Statutory renunciations and impatient waiting for the years, now with the approval of CIDCO Administration, Navi Mumbai, the work of the KENDRA could be taken up w.e.f. 13th March, 2016. This Kendra is being constructed with the blessings of PP Gurudev, PV Mataji and under the auspicious guidance of Shraddhey Dr. Pranav Pandya ji and Respected Shail Didi. The said GCK will be run & managed by the AWGP Headquarter – Shantiknj Haridwar and will accomplish its tasks like a nest of MAHAKAL. It is going to be a core infrastructure of AWGP for Yug Nirman Mission possessing vast possibilities & potential to serve at National & International level. It will also speed up SAPT-SUTRI activities of Yug Nirman Mission. It will serve like a hub and Light-House for whole of Maharashtra, South India and foreign services. Apart, few planned activities from the KENDRA will be run as under:

  • Yug Nirman LITERATURE Extension Counter Mumbai.
  • Organizing BOOK-FAIRS at different places.
  • Running of 108 BAL SANSKAR SHALAS regularly across Mumbai.
  • Depositing SCHOOL FEES of 251 poor students every year.
  • Distribution of free books, stationary etc. to students every year.
  • Organizing SANSKAR MAHOTSAV twice a year for talent development of children.
  • Organizing BHARATIY SANSKRITY GYAN PARIKSHA every year for cultured new generation.
  • Organizing 5 MEDICAL CAMPS every year promoting alternate therapies.
  • Wholesome HEALTH MANAGEMENT by Yoga, Yagya, Meditation, Acupressure, Pranayam, Mudra, and by Nature Cure.
  • Running of MEDICINE CENTRE of Herbs, Ayurvedic, Panchagavy, Deaddiction etc.
  • Arranging of YOGA TRAINING CAMPS on Every Saturday and Sunday.
  • Serving FREE FOOD every Saturday: Distribution of KHIDADI/Meal to 500 persons.
  • Organizing KANYA KAUSHLYA SHIVIRS every year for 1008 Girls.
  • Arranging FREE MARRIAGE CEREMONY for 24 poor girls every year.
  • Organizing 4 BLOOD DONATION CAMPS every year.
  • Arranging regular Trainings for SELF-RELIANCE for women & unemployed.
  • GAU-SHALAS based services (Bio-gas plant, Panchagavya Medicines & Cosmetics, Organic Manure & Organic Farming etc.).
  • Training of YAGYA & SANSKAR to keep alive Indian Culture.
  • Yagya to eliminate MISERIES in life on Every Sunday and No-moon-day.
  • Arranging to accomplish all SANSKARS as propagated by the Yugarishi.
  • Organizing excursion to GAUSHALAS once every year and conducting Gayatri Mahayagna surrounded by cows for GAU-URJA.
  • PURIFICATION OF ENVIRONMENT: Organizing AGNIHOTRA at 108 places across Mumbai using HAVAN-SAMAGRI mixed with different herbs to eliminate DenguSwnie flue like diseases.
  • Organizing Group SADHANA on the bank of NARMADA River Every year under Group SADHANA Movement.
  • LECTURES & SEMINARS: On unification of Science & Spirituality, Reformation of Indian Culture, Personality development, Women empowerment; Reforming Individual, Family, Society, Nation etc. and the like programs.

THE CHETANA KENDRA structure consists of Basement + Stilt area + 5 upper floors. It includes 

  • Divine Meditation Hall(An eternal peaceful, purified place to experience Peace of soul and Godly element around);
  • Maa Gayatri Sadhana & Multipurpose Discourses Hall;
  • An auditorium of about 150 sitting capacity for conducting special Seminars & Lectures,
  • Necessary Offices and Training place for conducting SAPTSUTRI Movement,
  • A grand Literature stall and Library area,
  • Treatment chamber & Medicines store/counter,
  • Guest house for Time donors, Guests, Visiting Social workers, Shantikunj Representatives,
  • Maa Bhagavati ANNKSHETRA – Bhandara (for Volunteers, Sadhaks, Guests, Visitors
  • Parking area etc. all at relevant places & floors.

Proposed Chetana Kendra :

Current Status:

The foundation up to the level of plinth has been completed. This includes excavation of the plinth area and building of the foundation with stone and concrete.


Getting chance to serve for welfare of the society, Having of feelings in the heart to serve, Availability of mind-body-timeresources etc. to serve are the signs of greatluck. Having hearty spirit to serve the society is more important than availability of resources. It is the base heritage of our Indian culture. Our Vedas, Purans, Upanishads and Epics are full of such examples, like services rendered and feelings expressed by JATAYU, GILAHARI, SHABARI, SUDAMA, VIDUR, VIBHISHAN, NARASI MEHATA, KARAMA BAI, DADU, RAIDAS, TUKARAM and so on.
At the extremity of Era of Kaliyuga, when maintaining religious fabric of the world goes beyond control of the elites on the earth, God descend on the earth, Destruct iniquity and establish true one religion known as Satayuga. God make awakened souls His companion to accomplish this divine task. On time Shri Krishna taken help of GWAL-BAL-PANDAVAS and of common people, and Shri Ram made RICHH-VANARGIDDH-GILAHARIES-HANUMANS His companion, and established new era. People came forward to help their divine cause, and in turn they have been showered with credits, respect, wishes & blessings and have been charged for the births.
Similarly Bhamashah helped Maharana Pratap, Warriors helped Shivaji Maharaj under Samarth Guru Ramdas, and People helped Mahatma Gandhi by giving their everything for freedom and restoration of the motherland. History witnesses those as angels and people remember their sacrifice and contributions even now with love, affection, respect. They are proud and role-model for the gen-next too.
As per MAHAKAL’s message, present juncture of time is the time of changing of era. Like leaves falls before spring, mother bear delivery-pain before child birth, the present time to witness holocaust like situation on the earth. While destructive and secular forces, polluted five elements etc. are rehearsing their role for the same, Creative forces too are tirelessly involved in the spiritual construction and making conducive environment for change of the Era.
Proposed “GCK Mumbai” is going to play a very important role of creation in this difficult time of the change. In time we will depart from this body and the world, but the Chetana Kendra being constructed with the help of all elites like you, will continue to play its great role like “Lighthouse” and will show divine path to the world humanity for generations, with the tireless efforts of the SRIJAN-SAINIKs (associates of the creator).
Bhagavan VAMAN asked 3 pace of land from RAJABALI for welfare of the world and reformation of Three-LOKA. Today the YUGAVATAR – PRAGYAVATAR – MAHAKAL asks to contribute your Time-Efforts-Talent-Influence-Resources etc. for this divine cause. It is like help of your finger to lift the GOVARDHAN Hill of Krishna. A common man can’t even dream to construct temple, but by contributory efforts, we definitely can enjoy a great satisfaction of construction of the temple.
Gayatri Pariwar appeal to all elite souls to listen to the divine call of the MAHAKAL and come forward to fulfil YUG-DHARM and find credit, good-luck & God’s blessings. Body-Mind-Wealth-Time-Determination-Post-Position-Fame-Art-Talent are success and meaningful when it is contributed for the cause of Nation and welfare of the world.

CONTRIBUTION towards the construction can be deposited directly in the BANK Account of GAYATRI CHETANA KENDRA MUMBAI :

Account Details
Axis Bank Account No. 156010100039279
IFSC Code UTIB0000156
*Please contact Chetana Kendra Office for Receipts (Contribution is Tax Free under IT Act 80-G)

Contact:Chhanulalji Yadav (9819862188)

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    Shree Jagannatha Chetana Kendras is a micro level unit for knowing the Lord according to the scriptures.

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