Baal Utkarsh 2018, Anushaktinagar

DIYA, Anushaktinagar conducted its third Mega Annual Baal Utkarsh programme on 21st October 2018, on the theme of “Swasth Sharir – Swachh Man.”

Anushakti Chapter of Team Divine India Youth Organisation (DIYA), Mumbai conducted its third Annual Baal Utkarsh programme on 21st October 2018, on the theme of “Swasth Sharir – Swachh Man.” Annual Baal Utkarsh is an intensive and high-effort based programme which is the culmination of year-long threads of Baal-sanskaar workshops that are designed to instill a positive and creative outlook in the young participants. Utkarsh implies “Rising Upwards” and this is the theme that DIYA volunteers work with when conducting the workshops.

Today’s generation and their contribution over period of time mean life for future. Naturally investing in children today, molding them in their attitude, behavior, values, in their ideas and in their ideals – we can launch a more organized world tomorrow. When we say today’s children are our future, we mean that we must strive now to mould the children to think correctly, judge rightly, decide properly, make right choices and have that will power to live up to those convictions.
It is confirmed that children who attend the Baal – sansk

aar workshops are found to be more motivated, possess a healthy life-image that enables them to walk out against negative peer pressure, are positive social enablers at a very young age and are healthier in mind and intellect. Hence, the annual third Baal Utkarsh was planned on a mega scale that aptly showcased the talent of young minds through plays, speeches, meditation initiatives and many other innovative activities.

The third Baal Utkarsh was celebrated with the fervor of infectious joy and enthusiasm on 21 October 2018.

The day started at 7.20 am, with more than 160 children and 200 parents trooping in to report at the venue. DIYA Bhavna Joshi and team infused true light in the proceedings by lighting up Deepams amidst the invocation of Savita’s power and affirming Gurusatta’s subtle presence at this mega event. This was followed by a happy, laughing, invigorating Walkathon, aptly named Walk with Fun under the guidance of Shri O P Bisenji, Shri M. P Sharma ji and team. A few minutes past 8 AM, and all were at Mohana lawns. After a brief break, the kids were back together with the dynamic DIYA adepts of Pragya Yoga. The children demonstrated their flexibility an

d dexterity with Pragya Yoga. The Pragya Yoga session was handled by DIYA Sameer Bisen, Shri O. P Bisen ji, DIYA Vijay Patle and team. There were games too, organized by Shri Agrahari ji, Bisen ji and team. Soon it was 9.30, and a definite time to munch on something! The children had some healthy munchies and then a drawing competition organized by DIYA Aparna and team. The morning was a warm up to the ensuing evening celebrations.

The evening programme was a rich cultural show put up by the children. They demonstrated their awareness about the current scenario with a TV style debate on deaddiction; they sent the audience in contemplative bliss by reciting the 18th chapter of Srimadbhagwatgita, espousing the yoga of liberation and renunciation. Since the theme was of “Swasth Sharir – Swach

h Man,” The children shared their care and concerns with sensitive skits on cleanliness, the importance of healthy eating and waste management. The evening concluded with glowing collective birthday celebrations of all October born children. The shower of flowers and incantation of Gayatri amidst the lit Deepams has become an eternal memory for all present and those receptive hearts who experien

ced Yugrishi’s bliss and blessings enveloping all and everything!

It was a huge team effort by Hitesh Joshi,Rahul Tripathi,Dr Jyothi Tripathi ji,Shri Tiwariji,Shri S K Kaul,Rekha Kaul,Jharna didi,Shradda Patle,Shri A N Vermaji Shri Parshuram Yadavji,Bhandakarji,Shri Tarun Kumar,Aparna Sharma,Aparna Mittal didi and whole team
Feed back of Shri D K Shukla Ji,Exe Director Atomic Energy Regulatory Board about program” I was really amazed to see the talents hidden in the children and appreciate the volunteers who must have put their hard work to bring out these talents.Output of Sanskar shala is very much evident in this program.To know more about m

ission in Mumbai logon to or email

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