Mar21 –Apr 19

Relax. Loosen up for the month.

Yugrishi asks you to distill the essence of love.

He says- “Merging our joys with that of other’s is what true love is!”



Apr 20 – May 20

Get on the abundance bus this month!

Yugrishi says: “Do not hoard. You are the divine inheritor of God’s creation. Feel no dearth!”



May21 – Jun 20

Look forth for expressing your potential1

Yugrishi says: “Holding on to a life of ideals is akin to embracing the divine expanse of the universe.”



June 21 –July22

Take charge of your feelings immediately!

Yugrishi says: “Each one is his own enemy or friend, depending on the thoughts harboured.”



July 23 – Aug 22

Stay lit. Let your dreams blaze on as the effulgence of Savita.

Yugrishi says: “Strong aspiration has the power to summon the greatest forces of the universe, for its fulfillment.”



Aug 23 – Sep 22

Plan! Plan well! Plan well ahead!

Yugrishi says:

Plan your day, work your plan. Reap the dividends of health, wealth and great relationships



Sep 23 – Oct 22

Maintain your balance!

Yugrishi says: “The duo of the divine and the diabolic reside together in the same heart. The time put to each, is what brings the either out.”



Oct 23 – Nov 21

Find the melody of life. Instill meaning in each moment you live.

Yugrishi says: “Take heed of thy boredom as it weaves intricate designs for addictions unruly.”



Nov22 – Dec 21

Seek your joys within. Enjoy your work.

Yugrishi says: “Seek fun within the framework of your work.”



Dec 22 – Jan19

Delve deep to succeed.

Yugrishi says: “Invoke and ignite the divine powers within you by investing your time in constructive pursuit.”



Jan 20 – Feb 18

Make good health your priority.

Yugrishi says: “Strength of body helps strengthen glorious resolutions. Strive for strength. Strive for good health.”



Feb19 – Mar 20

Focus is your keyword of the month!

Yugrishi says: “Unwavering concentration at the task at hand is the master key to all achievements.”

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