Success lies in doing not what others consider to be great, but what you know to be right

The dictionary gives the simplest definition of success. It defines success as an accomplishment of an aim or a purpose. This simple definition hides the toughest of emotional upheavals faced by men and women alike. Success has wide ranging connotations.  Losing weight, performing well in exams, achieving that coveted sales target are some of the regular aspirations we come across. At times, we wonder, what exactly is the perfect recipe for succeeding in life? This column will be dedicated to the success of DIYAs in all their endeavors, whether personal, professional or spiritual.

This success series is envisaged to be a five point ready-reckoner for the busy DIYAs, as they go around their daily lives, wrapped around in Yugrishi’s loving presence.

1)      Wake up and dream: Well, waking up and dreaming exactly do not go together – or do they! Let us examine this now. Look closely at things around you. Pick up any one thing. How do you think, that came into manifestation? It came into manifestation, because somebody realized the need for having it. Visualization stepped in next. Visualization is the most powerful tool of creation in the world. Michelangelo, when asked the reason for the perfect beauty of one of his sculptures, replied simply – “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Hence dream on DIYAs. Dream on till you can see your precise goal right in front of you – READY TO BE LET LOOSE INTO REALITY.

2)     Start lying to yourself: Yes. Do this. Learn to lie convincingly to yourself. With unshakeable conviction. Learn to tell yourself a few lies each day, around hundred times a day. Ok, if not hundred times, then at least ten times every day. And what are these lies going to be? Here goes a reference list:

i.            I plan each minute of the day to perfection

ii.            Time is money and I invest my money best

iii.            I am used to accomplishments

iv.            Yugrishi guides me to walk each step of my day

v.            I am awesome in everything I do!

vi.            Yugrishi makes the most difficult tasks the easiest for me

vii.            Things might look difficult right now, but with Yugrishi’s enormous powers supporting me, these problems are as fleeting as a patch of small cloud over the midday sun!

Feel free to create your list. Wondering what are the uses of these lies? Well, these statements are reinforcement to the subconscious mind that brings to manifestation every thought you entertain, whether positive or negative. The subconscious mind is like a servant who does not use its discretion while obeying your orders. The above lies told with conviction will soon start manifesting their powers and will start turning into experiential truths. This is a time-bound exercise. You will be able to perceive the axial tilt in your life within a few days.

3)     Take care of your health: To manifest the impossible, you need a huge reservoir of Prana working for you. Prana has no parallel word in English language. Prana defies definitions. It is cognate with the energies that run the creation. It is the Universe’s blessing which trickles down to humans according to their capacity of assimilation.  Maintaining sound physical health acts as a conduit for Yugrishi’s Prana infused blessings. Regular practice of pranayama cleanses away the physiological system and calms the mind. Simple food and water with simple life helps to focus the intellect at the goals on hand. The aggravation of vata creates disturbance in body as well as mind, the imbalance in cough leads to excesses in temperament, the uncontrolled pitta in the body has the power to inflame or subjugate the mind on the most frivolous of issues. Hence, it is imperative to keep a balanced mind which in turn can be achieved only by maintaining a sound health.

4)     Read for nourishment, not entertainment: Reading and listening are two timeless mediums of self refinement. Yugrishi has emphasized time and again on the importance of swadhyay i.e., self study. Self study is the dispassionate study of self as well as studying for soul nourishment. A nourished soul brings forth wonders in the world we live in – for self as well as the society.

5)    Face your fears and failures : Look within yourself. Go deep where you have buried your imperfections, your fears, your failures. List them out. Pick out one at a time. Scared of striking new friendships? Go out and meet people. Be the friend you always sought. Do not look for others to love you the way you want them to. Just go out and love them the way you always wanted to be loved. You want unconditional love and support? Be the one to provide unconditional love and support. This is what Yugrishi has taught us.  It is Yugrishi’s promise to us, the more love we radiate, much more will come back to us. This is just one aspect. Scared of heights? Go and stand at the tallest terrace you can find. Do it again. And again. Till the heights no longer holds sway on you. Facing fears and failures make us formidable. Just do it!!

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