Guru Pandit Shriram Sharma and Gurumata Bhagwati Devi Sharma ’s teachings and discourses were practically laid out for me much before I was to enter their divine fold.

Strangely, I saw the practical experiments of what Guruji had written down much earlier before I read them later in my life. We don’t realize this but our future paths are already carved out for us very early on.

Ordinary people sometimes lead quiet extraordinary lives and leave this world without much noise.

The first time I heard about Guruji was during my first visit to Hardwar. It was from a simple hearted Gayatri parijan in Shantikunj. She had been living there for the last thirty years. This lady did not mention Guruji’s great literature or his divine philosophy or his godly personality.

She said to me only one thing. Guruji was the kindest person she ever knew in her life. More kinder than her own father. I remember how her face changed when she mentioned an anecdote where she explicitly described how benevolent a figure Guruji was.

A collection of memories then descended from my mind’s attic.

How does one truly articulate about one’s so-called trajectory as life, which has been majorly shaped up because of a husband -wife couple? A couple that instilled a deep understanding of spirituality through their lives. How does one express that life’s greatest moments are when you learn unknowingly something as a child from an adult whose simple actions remain the deepest secrets with the gods above? The lives of great people can never really be worded. The impact that they create, resonate in everything that we do later. Words have never been adequate since the inception of man and the evolution. Perhaps that is why the truth that wishes to be expressed is still wanting of something better.

Then that truth must be only experienced. Sumati Dinanath Sakhadrande and Dinanath Sakhardande are those two human beings classify under the league of those great people who silently walked on this earth, made no news but transformed quite a few lives. I knew them as ‘Aai’ and ‘Baba’ much before I knew my biological parents.  Just imagine the kind of   immense showering of love and affection I must have received from them in my nascent phase. All my happy memories in my former years are resourced from this extraordinary couple.

Aai through her actions taught me that there is no pain greater than a person starving. What people read in books, I witnessed her acts of profound kindness as a child. She would go half hungry and serve anybody who came to her doorstep with food and water. They came from humblest backgrounds but the willingness to give has never had anything to do with the wallet or any equation with the bank balance. They only shared. Through them, I comprehended that wisdom is only and only about kindness.

Spirituality is about assimilating the core spirit of things both animate and inanimate. Aai taught me how a spiritual person conducts herself or himself. She taught me that there are grander things in life than money, gold and other riches. She practiced and I watched as a child.

Their personalities nourished and prompted new vigor into anyone who came across them. Baba was a core believer and practitioner of the Bhagvad Gita and in his lifetime he exemplified whatever the boundless, profound truth the text embodies. He continued working throughout the last days of his life though he suffered from severe heart disease and later succumbed to it.

Aai went on to prove that humanity is above everything else. She upheld the paramount tenet on why man was created in the face of god. Throughout her life, compassion was the rudimentary aspect on which all her thoughts, feelings and deeds were based. They must be the last of men and women who had more insights into human suffering and therefore never judged any person. They gave unconditional affection and always listened to their instincts rather than cleverness. And their instincts were integrated with clear pragmatic solutions to the problem rather than dwelling on the problem and sulking.

This article is not about Sumati and Dinanath Sakhardande alone. It is an inspiration to know what the world really exists for and the purpose why we are here. They had never heard of Shantikunj, never visited Hardwar in their lifetimes, did not know our Guruji or Mataji but in some corner of the nation, they acted like they had revised the texts of Guruji, had internalized his teachings and then had set foot into this world.

The planet will never know what humanism they practiced, how these two inordinate existed on the face of this earth. But they connect to the divine cosmos. Because ultimately this entire existence is based on connecting the dots and finding the wholesomeness in our lives.

The white horse of this Ashwamedha Yagna is all about letting the self, evaporate and letting it integrate with the Universe. It is an individual battle with the senses, with our own madness, selfishness, ego and other vices. Let this epic event of Ashwamedha Yagna inspire us to be more real, simple and unassuming. Let us go back to man’s roots and begin the transformation from within. From our own selves.

And like the Sakhardande couple understand the wisdom that in order to live, we must make better spaces for others to live. Through kindness.

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