Last two years,the festival of Holi is being celebrated as “Indecency Eradication Day” by DIYA. Designed under the Swach Bharat Campaign, Swach Mann means cleansing & purification of mind. Unfettered access to internet has resulted in easy access to pornography and children are exposed to such content at a young age and minds of children are corrupted at a young age. This is reflected during all festivals when playing of obscene songs, indecent behavior under the influence of alcohol and spiritual degradation is at its peak. Shraddhey Dr. Pranav Pandya has emphasized that “minds” need to be cleaned so as to truly ensure “Swach Bharat”. Following this call, a nationwide movement has been launched to burn indecent/pornographic material. Children, teachers and parents are being sensitized by way of direct contact through rallies & walks.

It is hoped that this year too, obscenity and indecency will burn in the pure fire of holi. On 1st March 2018, this initiative can be undertaken in the following manner:

  • Leaflets can be prepared with the punch line ‘अश्लीलता- होलिका को जलायें, नई पीढ़ी के प्रह्लाद को बचायें. The rationale behind this initiative can be set out in such leaflets and distributed;
  • By means of street plays, direct contact, seminars & lectures in schools/colleges, public meetings etc. young minds should be motivated to boycott obscene literature, posters, photos, films etc.
  • Socialmedia should be used to the optimum to spread this message
  •  Instead of obscene & vulgar songs, patriotic & inspiring songs should be played on the festival of Holi; and

Based on the above broad guidelines, holi bonfire should be organized at societies, colonies etc. to burn obscene literature & material

As emphasized in the previous edition, the future of our country rests with the youth population of the country therefore, it is very crucial that such young minds are saved from the menace pornography & obscenity. By indulging in such activities, youngsters are likely to lose their vital life energy and force which otherwise is of extreme importance for the growth of our country. While burning the holi of pornographic material is definitely a first step towards cleansing of young minds, such activities should be carried out throughout the year.

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